Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides our organization’s leadership and helps organize WSWNE’s events.

Board of Directors (2017-2018):

Susan Davies Sit
(CT) – President
Sherry Williams (CT) – Vice-President and our Carpool Coordinator
Mary Jones Pallos – Treasurer
Mark Taylor – Secretary

Members at Large (2017-2018)

Beth Roberts Brown (MA) – Welsh Genealogy Group & Welsh Language Group contact
Ed Brown (MA)
Glyn Dowden (CT)
Magdalen Dowden (MA)
Shirley Gilmartin (MA)


Rev. Hugh James (CT) – Chaplain
Dr. Tom Bernard (MA) – Past President
John Dixon (MA) – Founder
Mark Spencer (MA) – Membership List & Email Manager
Trey McCain (Honorary Member)(MS & Wales) – Website